Powerful add-ons for Plant iT

The modular system design of Plant iT - divided into basic systems, modules and add-ons.

The Plant Acquis iT add-ons

Plant Acquis iT Messenger

Automatic Messaging Service

Plant Acquis iT Messenger is a remote messaging system for notifying responsible staff of critical alarms. The add-on can be optionally installed for the existing basic system Plant Acquis iT if the technical infrastructure on-site supports the communication methods

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Plant Acquis iT EnMs

Energy management system

Plant Acquis iT EnMS is the energy management system belonging to Plant iT and can always be integrated as a process control system add-on. It allows production firms to exploit their full potential for improving energy efficiency, to spot and document energy consumption for the production plant and to constantly enhance energy consumption.

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Plant Acquis iT LMS

Line management for filling and packaging lines

Plant Acquis iT LMS from ProLeiT offers an add-on for the production data management system Plant Acquis iT, thus enabling simple access into the world of line management. In contrast to traditional LMS solutions, Plant Acquis iT Compact allows fast, simple and cost-effective implementation with reduced sensor technology, licensing and engineering requirements.

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The Plant Direct iT add-ons

Plant Direct iT Visu-Recorder

Recording and output of process visualisations

Plant Direct iT Visu-Recorder is a special feature of the Plant iT process control system.

Previous process sequences can be retroactively monitored via the standard user interface of the control system with the aid of this optionally available addon.

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Plant Direct iT Equipment Modules

For context-specific applications

The various equipment modules (EMs) and context-specific applications are optionally available as an add-on for Plant iT systems. Depending on the plant section, manufacturer and function, various equipment modules are provided.

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Plant Direct iT Maintenance

Compact maintenance management solution with a high level of individualisation

Efficient maintenance planning is essential to ensure and maintain maximum plant availability. Through its add-on Plant Direct iT Maintenance, ProLeiT offers a compact and parameterizable solution for evaluating and planning all maintenance activities.

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Plant Direct iT Smart Operations

Mobile plant monitoring in real time

The Plant Direct iT Smart Operations for mobile end devices bring you closer to your machines, plants and automation processes. The applications therefore contribute significantly to greater efficiency and availability. Enjoy a substantial gain in mobility and flexibility when monitoring and controlling your plants in the future – locally, globally and holistically.

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The Plant Liqu iT add-ons

Plant Liqu iT Routing Management

Rule-based routing orders

With the add-on Plant Liqu iT Routing Management rule-based routing orders with a dynamic route search and allocation can easily be integrated into order processing.

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The Plant Batch iT add-ons

Plant Batch iT MWS

The weighing assistant for manual weighing processes

ProLeiT's Manual Weighing System (MWS), an add-on for the modular process control system Plant iT, delivers an intelligent weighing assistant that enables the clear processing of bills of material while visually and reliably guiding operators through the weighing process aided by five colour grades.

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The Plant Integrate iT add-ons

Plant Integrate iT Workflow

Workflow Management System

Plant Integrate iT provides an efficient MES workflow management system for production-relevant business processes. The database-supported system can be used for managing and monitoring automatic and manual processes in the production environment.

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Plant Integrate iT Batch Cockpit

The entry point to integrated batch analysis

The add-on Plant Integrate iT Batch Cockpit from ProLeiT is a software solution for greater transparency and more effective plant utilisation in the process industry. The add-on is designed for evaluating, processing and validating production data.

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