brewmaxx - the industry solution for breweries

We started with the development of our process control system brewmaxx over 30 years ago. Today, our PLC-based control system is employed by breweries in the areas of automation, information and control technology. Processes can be continuously controlled and inspected with brewmaxx - from production data acquisition, process control technology and recipe-controlled liquid handling to functions for full production management (MES) across locations and the integration of ERP, LIMS and maintenance systems. As the foundation for all entrepreneurial decisions, it links the various processes intelligently and helps to manage a brewery more efficiently and economically.

brewmaxx is the Plant iT industry solution for breweries. brewmaxx is perfectly tailored to the day-to-day operations in breweries and enables innovative, user-oriented solutions like no other process control system. We work where standardised control systems fail by focussing our attention on industry-specific process automation for breweries. Supported by our in-house system development and close cooperation with breweries, plant suppliers and universities, brewmaxx offers a cutting-edge process control system for the brewing industry.

brewmaxx – additional benefits of our automation solution for breweries

brewmaxx is an object-related and PLC-based process control system with MES functionality and integrated recipe control for liquids. It can be used in combination with PLCs from various manufacturers and is available in five language versions. This high level of flexibility is one of the reasons why brewmaxx is today used around the world and controls breweries with an annual output of more than 250 million hectolitres – almost one fifth of global beer production.

brewmaxx complies with the principle of “parameterisation instead of programming”. This means that individual programming is basically replaced by the parameterisation of technical and technological functions. The “compiler-less” system architecture of brewmaxx allows maximum flexibility for alterations during operation. Alterations to the control system are even possible without stopping production. This time-saving benefit creates a significant competitive advantage – for us and our customers.

Engineering with brewmaxx takes place according to standardised methods. Standard functions, e.g. brewery-specific automation classes, ensure that the process control system is transparent. Alterations and extensions can thus always be traced and multiplied – a safe investment solution for the future.


The automation solution for the brewing industry

brewmaxx can be used for both full-scale or partial automation of a brewery. Typical process areas are:

  • Silo systems
  • Brewhouse
  • Fermenting and storage cellars
  • Yeast management
  • Filtration
  • Bottling plants
  • Auxiliary plants
  • CIP plants

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brewmaxx Integrate

MES, Reporting & Analytics

brewmaxx Integrate is an MES solution specifically developed for breweries and monitors and analyses the entire brewing process while reporting any deviations. With brewmaxx Integrate it is, e.g., also possible to create and request brew reports and distribute them via a browser.

High flexibility with an outstanding level of standardisation: brewmaxx Integrate can be used with both external systems and our process control system brewmaxx.

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General functions and advantages of the process control system brewmaxx

Object-oriented, open and PLC-based
process control system

Transparent and scalable
licence model

Integrated MES functionality

Support of redundant
system architectures

Cross-divisional and
web-based reporting system


  • Integrated, technology-related recipe control and management
  • Intuitive user interface, designed to the latest usability standards
  • Standard library of intelligent, vector-based process graphics
  • Process Screen Designer for creating process images
  • Extensive module library of predefined automation classes
  • Brewing-specific equipment modules
  • Production Report Designer for creating production reports
  • Extensive archiving functions
  • Energy management system
  • Various languages available
  • Based on standard software (e.g. Microsoft databases and operating systems)
  • Recording and output function of process sequences

Your contact for brewmaxx basic systems

Annika Bauer
Senior Offer Manager