Process control technology and automation solutions

Cutting-edge automation and information technology ensures manufacturing companies can increase the efficiency of their production plants, safeguard the product quality and flexibly react to market developments.

How successful an automation solution is during operation depends strongly on the technical and technological know-how of the project staff and their experience in realising automation projects. Engineers and programmers must understand customer processes to ensure optimum programming and parameter configuration. Therefore, our specialist teams of electrical engineers and computer scientists work hand in hand with process engineers, brewers, dairy technologists and chemical engineers to focus wholly on a specific industry sector. These teams are familiar with your processes and know all the technical details.

For over 30 years, the combination of process knowledge and advanced control technology has allowed us to realise automation solutions for the process industry based on our process control systems Plant iT and brewmaxx. Over 3000 installations are currently in operation worldwide in the food & beverage industry as well as the pharmaceutical & chemicals industry.

System advantages

  • The flexibly combinable basic systems and modules of our process control systems Plant iT and brewmaxx allow us to realise an integrated solution tailored specifically to the needs of our customers.
  • The modularity of our system platform supports gradual implementation. Existing plant technology and processes can be integrated.
  • The gradual migration of existing automation systems is possible.
  • The high level of transparency ensures the integration of existing automation solutions.
  • Safety and transparency are guaranteed during the engineering phase and operation thanks to system functions with configurable parameters instead of context-specific individual software.
  • Solutions can be easily adapted to special features of the respective production processes.
  • The high level of flexibility allows add-ons or modifications during operation.
  • Scalability from a single station system to an overall solution for the entire location.