Workflow management

Plant Integrate iT provides an efficient MES workflow management system for production-relevant business processes. The database-supported system can be used for managing and monitoring automatic and manual processes in the production environment. This includes, for example, order processing, quality assurance (e.g. sampling) and the support of logistics processes or the collection and provision of data which arises during production and in the production environment. This data is used as the basis for production-relevant reporting and as a data source for higher-order systems. The Plant iT Workflow add-on can only be used in combination with our MES solution Plant Integrate iT. It can, however, also be applied with existing external process control systems.
The workflow management system can be used for the following MES areas:

  • Warehouse and inventory management (e.g. product and material parameters, handling units, stock taking)
  • Production management (e.g. recipe/BOM management, production logistics)
  • Quality management (e.g. management of specification values)
  • Maintenance and servicing (e.g. operating hour counter, machine maintenance, operating cycle counter)

Plant iT Workflow

The following example functions show how Plant iT Workflow can be used in production plants:  

  • Goods receipt
    • Individual configuration of the income workflow
    • Digital acquisition of bills of delivery
    • Integration of barcode scanners & scales, added with handhelds and check lists
    • Initiation of lab samples and acquisition of lab values
    • Target warehouse selection
    • Conclusion of goods receipt & transmission to ERP system
  • Order control
    • Partition of an ERP order into multilevel production processes
    • Split of the bill of material into existing process structures (e.g. process orders & packaging orders)
    • Confirmation of booking relating to ERP order structure
    • Aggregation of several orders (unique production orders with different packaging orders)
  • Supply control
    • Controlling and monitoring of goods requests and material supplies
    • Related to goods with bill of materials or groups of goods
    • Support of various storage types (e.g. high-bay racking, block storage)
    • Integrated interfaces to warehouse management systems (e.g. SAP-EWM)
  • Quality acquisition
    • Automatic generation of inspection lots, per lot size or per time, with display of job instructions
    • Plant wide overview and status information, with integrated specifications management and rework workflow
  • Packaging orders
    • Grouping of packaging orders, based of production orders
    • Printing of supply notes
    • Creation, edition and deletion of production orders and packaging orders
  • Energy management
    • Energy data acquisition
    • Creation of consumption reports
  • KPIs and OEE
    • Data acquisition in accordance to WS Food
    • Display of most important KPIs and plant information