Integrated IT solution for the baking industry

You have to set market trends to win customers. Consolidation pressure in the baking industry is leading to the development of new approaches. The trend is towards industrial bakeries that produce a wide variety of products, for example pre-baked, frozen or convenience products, at a single location.

Due to increasing competition in the baking industry, all production processes must offer the highest level of flexibility – from dough production through the baking process to packaging of the finished product. For example, this means that – based on the dough – several versions of a product can be produced. This is possible thanks to a single IT system which controls and monitors all subordinate semi or fully automated process areas and is connected to ERP systems via integrated interfaces.

Integrated automation solution with Plant iT

Plant iT is a modular IT system with integrated MES functionalities for process areas in the baking industry. This industry-specific feature combined with cutting-edge information technology enables data transparency from the operational to the planning level and at all stages of value creation. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MESs) provide production managers with new opportunities to overview the entire process chain from raw material delivery to the packaged product. This enhanced transparency optimises processes, improves product quality, saves energy and raw materials and increases the availability of machines and systems.

Numerous companies, such as Auer Brot, Glockenbrot Bäckerei, Jowa or Kerry, use our proven automation solutions in their production facilities.