ProLeiT Academy News

Remote Trainings

The ProLeiT Academy offers 2021 remote training courses .

Technical requirements:

  • Training computer with 2 monitors
  • Communication and presentation via MS Teams
  • Access to the training environment via Apache Guacamole™ - VPN
  • Mobile device with TOTP app (e.g. MS Authenticator) for VPN access to our training system

One-week classroom training is spread over 7 days á 6 h/ day: 

  • Improves the ability to concentrate
  • Time difference easier to handle

Limited to 15 participants per training

Each participant has his own engineering environment and his own PLC.

Train iT Practice (optional):

  • Use of the training environment for exercises following the training

Optional add-on: Train iT Practice

You would like to deepen your knowledge acquired in of our trainings by applying what you just learned to practical problems
In that case, we recommend our new optional add-on Train iT Practice.

You will receive online-access to our training environment
(Duration: Two weeks, immediately following the respective training.)

You will receive assignments covering the training’s content.
Those can be put into practice by you using the training environment.

Get support from our tutors in the online forum.
Here you can post your queries pertaining to the exercises and receive an answer until noon of the following business day.

You would like direct support from one of our trainers?
That’s no problem either. Get online support via Teamviewer (Invoicing based on time and cost, according to our service rates, or using ProLeiT Service Credits).

Independent immersion in the training’s content.

Train iT Practice can be booked as an option along with each of our trainings

The option „Train iT Practice“ can be selected when registering for any of our courses (currently not available for ROCKWELL trainings). Price: 500,00 €


1 Trip – 2 Trainings

English Plant iT Basic and Advanced trainings back-to-back

We have scheduled our English basic (D1/S and D2/S) and advanced (L1/S) trainings in November 2021 to take place in two consecutive weeks.

Benefits for you as a client:

  • Saves 50% on travel expenses
  • Visa applications, hotel reservations etc. are only necessary once

Date in 2021:

  • November 22 to December 3