The ProLeiT mission statement

Our corporate objective: 

Our goal is continuous improvement. Our products and solutions generate the greatest possible value for our customers by utilising the following resources:

  • our system range – Plant iT
  • our workforce
  • our know-how
  • our available budget

Our mission: 

Our products and solutions allow our end customers to control, monitor and optimise their increasingly complex production processes. Our OEM customers are provided with the tools that enable them to offer systems with tailored automation concepts. Our system integrators use our products to develop reliable customer solutions with the highest level of productivity. 

We contribute to the success of all our customers. 

Our utmost priority is to achieve strong results which always meet our customers’ expectations. 

Our vision: 

In our target industries, the ProLeiT system platform is the world’s leading system for the automation and optimisation of production plants and processes. 

Thanks to our core strengths in system development, project management and technological know-how, we help to shape the technical IT market (PCS, MES) through innovative systems and tailor-made solutions for our customers. 

ProLeiT is highly profitable and takes great pride in the further development of its motivated and talented workforce. We provide our partners in the fields of plant manufacturing, engineering and production with the active support they need to be successful in their respective markets. We have established an excellent reputation as an employer, an apprenticeship provider as well as a responsible and exemplary company.