Automation solutions for the chemicals and fine chemicals industry

Flexible and reproducible production is vital in the chemicals and fine chemicals industry. The key requirements of this industry are without doubt the growing range of products, optimisation of the production processes and adherence to legal obligations on supporting documents. The solution to these complex tasks can only be provided by a system which controls, monitors and analyses the entire production processes in an integral and secure manner.

Our years of experience in the chemicals and fine chemicals industry are based on concept development and the realisation of integrated and intelligent automation solutions. In close cooperation with our customers and machine and plant suppliers, we develop tailor-made concepts. Close contact to highly esteemed universities also ensures the innovativeness of our control technology solutions. Our industry-driven staff structure, consisting of highly qualified process engineers, electrical engineers, computer scientists and food technologists, also deserves a special mention.

Furthermore, with our in-house developed process control system Plant iT we boast a proven solution for integrated process automation, including MES functionality. Numerous companies, such as BASF, Clariant, Henkel, Hilti, LyondellBasell or Diversey, have relied on our solution skills and expertise for many years.

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Application areas for automation solutions in the chemicals and fine chemicals industry

Our integrated, transparent and flexible process control system Plant iT provides the ideal software structure for production plants in the chemicals and fine chemicals industry. Plant iT is an advanced and industry-specific system solution which combines extensive IT experience and chemical expertise in a single control system. It is the perfect option for both new installations, expansions or as a replacement for existing automation systems.

We offer automation solutions for the production of:

  • Washing products (dry, tablets, liquid)
  • Wax ester
  • Cleaning agents (powder or liquid)
  • Adhesives
  • Fuels from renewable primary products (bioethanol, etc.)
  • Synthetics and synthetic products (extrusions)
  • Cleaning plants (CIP = clean-in-place plants)

Our industry-specific know-how is also based on years of cooperation with system integrators and machine and plant suppliers. Our control system Plant iT therefore guarantees the high level of flexibility demanded by the chemicals industry, e.g. for modifications during production.

Service portfolio for the chemicals industry

Our service portfolio provides the solutions for both the general and the special requirements of chemicals and fine chemicals industry. Typical examples are:

  • Integrated process automation from raw material delivery to packaging
  • Mixing and stirring tank systems
  • Cooling systems, iced water storage
  • Container handling
  • Aseptic and sterile plants
  • Spray drying plants
  • Powder processing plants
  • Heat recovery plants
  • Building control systems, high bay racking and ventilation systems
  • CO² plants
  • Water supply
  • Water treatment plants
  • Wastewater plants
  • Cooling plants
  • Energy data acquisition
  • Intelligent load management
  • Automatic tank management
  • Process level-wide management reporting
  • Migration of existing control systems

Chemical engineering and Plant iT – solutions for the chemicals industry:

The success of our customers is based, among other things, on the tried-and-tested functions of our in-house developed process control system Plant iT. The integrated functions provide intelligent solutions to meet the following requirements:

  • Batch systems according to ISA S88 for batch and continuous processes
  • Order lists for production, cleaning and filling
  • Recipe-controlled program sequences
  • Uniform material and raw material management
  • Batch traceability (pre and post-tracking) to EU Regulation 178/2002
  • Company-wide management reporting
  • Electronic batch recording for batch-related messages and graphs
  • Electronic signature for FDA-compliant areas
  • Recipe optimisation
  • Label and barcode handling
  • Technical automation classes for network and device diagnosis of PLCs, clients, servers and decentralised peripheral equipment
  • Technological automation classes for materials handling technology, route control and frequency converters (e.g. Danfoss VLT, SEW, Simovert)
  • Technological automation classes for weighing technology (e.g. SIWAREX U/M, Schenck, Disocont/Disomat, Systec IT 9000, weigh scales software)
  • Interfaces for the connection of various ERP systems (e.g. SAP/R3, CHARISMA, FOSS)
  • Interfaces for connection to laboratory management systems (LIMS), e.g. Unilab
  • Interfaces for the connection of existing weighing systems

Our control system Plant iT is characterised by a high level of standardisation, integration and the elimination of unnecessary interfaces (lean thinking). Our key goal is the automatic generation of electronic batch records and continuous material tracking throughout the entire production process. Thanks to the integration of MES and PCS in a single system, we achieve greater production quality combined with reduced plant running costs. Besides expansions and new plants (green field projects), our process control system Plant iT is particularly suitable for the migration of old plants, as it supports the programmable logic controls (PLCs) from Schneider Electric, Siemens and Rockwell Automation. Another major advantage of Plant iT is that end customers as well as machine and plant suppliers only have to be familiar with just one system, irrespective of the subordinate control platforms from other manufacturers.