Batch system – recipe management for batch processes

Maintaining product quality is a key issue for many manufacturers when automating batch processes. We are well aware that batch system automation solutions must satisfy special requirements when processing numerous production orders for various products at a single system efficiently and safely.

We use our process control system Plant Batch iT to monitor and control recipe-controlled batch processes. During the development of our batch system, we were able to integrate relevant standards, e.g. ISA-88, while considering real applications. Plant Batch iT simplifies the recipe model in several layers depending on the application requirements. Not every batch system is suitable for strict interpretation of the ISA-88 recipe model, and there must be a balanced relationship between process transparency and the associated administration effort.

It is therefore worthwhile, in particular for the automation of batch processes, when participants speak the same "language" and know what is required for the integration of various standards with a centralised batch system. Our project teams have extensive experience in the automation of batch processes and develop the best possible solution for your requirements together with you.

The process control system Plant Batch iT is designed for the special demands of batch processes. The integrated modules Plant Acquis iT and Plant iT material ensure order and batch-related production data acquisition and process-oriented materials management with consistent batch tracing. For more information on Plant Batch iT, click here.

Automation solutions with Plant Batch iT are characterised by their maximum transparency and safety for the production process while offering high-level production flexibility. Interventions in the production process are possible at any level and at any time and safeguarded by the process control system. Users can analyse and correct a possible fault without having to contact technical staff.

Your advantages

  • Real, industry-driven batch system
  • Integrated materials management with batch tracing
  • Integrated ISA-88 standards
  • Electronic batch recording
  • Integrated order and recipe management
  • Freely scalable and extendable process control system
  • Process transparency up to the process control level