Plant Batch iT - recipe management for batch processes

Plant Batch iT is the central process control system for controlling and monitoring recipe-controlled batch processes. Plant Batch iT is the ideal automation solution for accurately handling the simultaneous processing of a wide variety of production orders for various products in just one plant.

Current standards, e.g. ISA-88, were consistently implemented while simultaneously considering real applications. The process control system Plant Direct iT is completely integrated and covers the structural level of ISA-88 closest to the process.
Order and batch-related production data acquisition is provided by Plant Acquis iT, which is also an integral part of Plant Batch iT. Furthermore, the direct link to Plant iT material ensures transaction-accurate real-time material tracing.

The seamless integration of the process control system Plant Direct iT into the batch system enables maximum flexibility during operation and complete process transparency from the production order to the individual actuator or sensor currently used for processing the order. Users can therefore use the plant’s potential to the full, since interventions in the production are possible at any level and at any time and safeguarded by Plant Batch iT. Moreover, users can analyse and correct a possible fault without having to contact the technical staff.


  • Recipe-controlled batch system according to ISA-88
  • Fully integrated process control with order and batch-related event logging
  • Management of material parameters and warehouse structures, inventory management and batch tracing
  • Additional automation classes for mapping entire technological sequences
  • Scalability of single station to multi-server systems
  • Available in English, Spanish, German, Russian, French and Portuguese (Chinese available on request)
  • Forward and backward compatibility with other Plant iT system versions



  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemicals industry
  • Agriculture


  • Order management and processing
  • Electronic Batch Recording according to CFR 21 Part 11
  • Recipe management with version management according to freely selectable models
  • Central engineering environment for all basic Plant iT systems and modules (Configuration Manager)
  • Central user interface for recipe management (Operation Manager)
  • Parameterisation of sequences and creation of master recipes
  • Integrated interfaces for Plant iT connect
  • Including Plant Acquis iT, Plant Direct iT and Plant iT material
  • Optional technological equipment modules