Process control technology. Including MES.

Increasingly complex production processes have resulted in the requirements placed on process control technology being amplified accordingly. Production plants and process control systems must be able to react flexibly and quickly to the changing demands of the market. Central topics, such as production planning, process optimisation or quality assurance demand a continuous flow of information – from the production level to the business planning level. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) ensure accurate and prompt data.

Until now, MES and process control systems have often been viewed as two completely separate areas. Companies therefore spend a lot of time and effort implementing separate MES solutions for their existing control systems. A major problem was the development of structures and data links between the PCS, MES and ERP systems, since the interpretation of data from several systems was not possible. This resulted in extremely diverse system landscapes and numerous applications from various providers, which in turn led to higher maintenance costs.

These problems are a thing of the past with our process control systems Plant iT and brewmaxx due to the object-driven approach. For instance, the process structures, recipe controls or operating philosophies can be simply changed, as the linked objects are not altered. This ensures the reliability and accuracy of all subordinate information and guarantees the all-important interpretation of data for the MES functions.

Plant iT and brewmaxx support the international standards S88 for the process industry and S95 for MES. Our control systems provide the following basic MES functions for the entire plant.

  • Specification management
  • Order management with standard order lists
  • Resource management with production-relevant materials management
  • Batch traceability
  • Management of recipes and bills of material
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Industry-wide reporting
  • Archiving