Automation Solutions for the Process Industry

We have been supplying the process industry with integrated automation solutions for more than 30 years - from the raw material stage through to the finished product, and from the control, process and plant control level (MES) to the corporate management level (ERP).

We are familiar with all the technologies and specific requirements of the various sectors. This is our guiding vision – in both our industry-driven corporate structure and the industry-specific functions of our very own process control system Plant iT.

At the industry centres of excellence, electrical engineers and computer scientists work hand in hand with process engineers, brewers, dairy technologists and chemical engineers. These project teams understand our customers’ processes and are able to implement them in automation solutions. Thanks to our in-house system development, we can integrate industry-specific requirements directly into our process control system.

At the same time, our customers profit from the advantages a medium-sized business provides, e.g. personal customer support, flexible approach and faster decision making.

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