Process automation

There are SCADA solutions and process control systems that offer little or no industry functionality whatsoever. Some systems only cover the functionality of a certain type of machine or a specific process sector. However, this prevents integrated information processing. Plant and machine manufacturers are increasingly faced with the challenge of these problems and therefore demand a centralised, efficient and industry-based overall solution for integrated automated production plants.

Plant iT and brewmaxx offer this centralised solution for our core industries: food & beverage industry and pharmaceutical & chemicals industry. Our process control systems allow the integration of all production line processes or an entire production facility. The high level of standardisation of our control systems guarantees numerous advantages, such as the simplification of processes (engineering) or the application of a standard user interface (operation). The latter means that an overview of extremely complex production methods can even be delivered for staff at various production sites: irrespective of whether they are in Europe or the USA using Schneider Electric, Siemens or Rockwell Automation controllers.

Our transparent and non-compiler process control systems Plant iT and brewmaxx have a modular design and comply with the principle of “parameterisation instead of programming”. This enables us to carry out add-ons or modifications without having to stop production. The elimination of individual programming codes ultimately leads to a highly transparent and flexible automation solution. The central engineering environment with a common database for all the basic systems and modules enables rapid commissioning and reduces the amount of required maintenance and add-ons for future applications.