Industry-driven MES solutions for the process industry

Compared to the manufacturing industry, the number of process steps in the process industry is generally less. However, a considerably higher integration density and a more complex exchange of information are required due to process engineering-related links between the individual process steps. In the process industry, discrete production tasks that are at home in higher-order systems are required directly at the control level. Therefore, manufacturing execution systems must be process-optimised solutions for which important parts of the required functionality – according to production and organisation requirements – are integrated directly into the process control level. This is the only way that the specific technological characteristics of the production process can be considered effectively in the overall solution.

MES solution requirements within the process industry

Our experience has shown us that MES project requirements can also vary greatly within the process industry (see illustration below). This is the reason why we decided to focus our attention on industry-driven MES solutions many years ago in line with the development of our process control systems.
Today, we are able to offer a unique range of basic MES functions – some of which are integrated in our process control systems – to meet the requirements of the brewery, chemicals, animal feed, beverage, dairy, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Good manufacturing practice, version check/recipes
  • Validation
  • cGMP-compliant documentation
  • ISA S88
  • Batch traceability

Chemicals industry

  • Batch processes and hybrid processes
  • Multy product plants
  • Parallel production processes
  • Manufacturer specifications and basic recipes

Brewing industry

  • Widely varying plant sizes
  • Group-wide QM specifications
  • Greater quality assurance
  • Leaner production planning
  • International operating facility comparison

Food industry

  • Numerous products just one location
  • WS Food
  • Extremely heterogeneous plants / machinery
  • Higher order process management necessary
  • Seamless tracebility