The goals of manufacturing execution systems

The general goals related to the implementation of MES solutions are usually quite easy to define:

  • Optimising integrated processes and costs
  • Increasing and safeguarding process and product quality
  • Increasing production factors
  • Shortening product lifecycles (“time to market”)
  • Increasing the efficiency of the production process

When searching for the right MES solution, it quickly becomes clear that existing MES applications differ greatly according to the actual industry. This is the reason why the range of industry-based MES solutions has grown in recent years. Key criteria when selecting industry-based MES solutions are scalability, modularity and their ability to integrate into existing infrastructures. The latter feature is of particular importance to companies with more than one production site. These companies demand a centralised and flexible solution which can be implemented as a standard MES application at all their production sites, while providing a seamless flow of information across locations at all times.

Some manufacturers fear the costs and complexity of MES implementation, as more often than not they do not have the necessary resources (e.g. time and personnel) available. In contrast, our integrated MES solutions offer customers significant potential optimisation opportunities:

  • Valid and up-to-the-minute production process data
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Process and production quality checks across locations
  • Increased flexibility for production planning
  • Reduced processing times (by avoiding production downtime)

The MES projects which we have undertaken prove that customers have optimised their processes and cut costs after implementing our MES solutions. For more information on individual projects, please contact us here.