Successful projects with Plant iT or brewmaxx LMS

The following excerpt shows the numerous application areas for our line management systems in various industries:

Bad Dürrheimer Mineralbrunnen GmbH & Co. KG Heilbrunnen, Germany
Plant-wide use of Plant Acquis iT for bottling lines.

J. Bauer GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Production data acquisition for a milk bottling line, with interfacing to the ERP system. Batch tracking from production and material identification in the line.

Coca-Cola, Germany
Plant-wide production data management for one PET and one bottling line (new plants) respectively, system retrofit at existing bottling plants.

Danone, Germany
Production data management via Intranet. HTML-supported efficiency analysis.

Egger Privatbrauerei, Albert Egger AG, Austria
Line management for a canning line based on Weihenstephan Standards 2005.

Friesland Campina, Netherlands
Use of Plant Acquis iT as a production management system; current integration of 13 packaging and 4 preparation lines. Monitoring of the
"availability", "performance" and "quality" indicators, productivity comparison of the lines via KPIs.

Eckes-Granini Group GmbH, Germany
Production data management for 4 bottling lines, order management  via the customer's database. Fault cause allocation via the Filler Stop Tracker, reporting and analysis of OEM KPIs with Plant iT Production Report Designer,deployment of mobile WLAN handheld scanners for raw materials data.

Grolsch, Netherlands
Production data management for 7 bottling lines, integrated incoming order processing via SAP, diagnosis (Filler Stop Tracker) and optimisation via OEE, order-related material identification for raw materials and supplies.

Worldwide use of Plant Acquis iT as an OEM solution for production data
acquisition in bottling plants.

SAB Miller, Uljanowsk / Russia
MES with batch tracking from the receipt of raw material up to the transfer of the finished products to the store, including the bottling and packaging plants.

Ur-Krostitzer, Germany
Use of Plant Acquis iT as a production management system in glass filling. Fault cause allocation via the Filler Stop Tracker. Plant output evaluation via the STANLY Status Analyzer. Generation of an order list, including item management with integrated reporting.

Warsteiner Brauerei, Haus Cramer KG, Germany
Production data management for 4 bottling lines, incoming order processing via Microsoft Excel, Filler Stop Tracker, reporting via interfacing to the customer's bottling database.