Packaging material management for optimised packaging processes

Along with the monitoring of the packaging and filling processing, the management of packaging materials and the tracing and minimisation of rejects is a further centralised LMS functionality. Packaging material management is a prerequisite for performing the following tasks:

  • Provision of the packaging material
  • Automatic detection of which line is short of packaging material and requests replenishment
  • Request for material replenishment considering the actual speed of consumption in addition to the residual quantity
  • Control of material provision processes based on the specifications transmitted by the system to the operating personnel in order to ensure that the right material is supplied to the right line

Along with an order-related view, the operator is also provided with a material-related view. This approach ensures, e.g., that orders for which the same type of packaging material is required are actually processed one after the other, i.e. without any additional and inefficient material movements, at a line. Additionally, orders for the procurement of consumption materials can be placed independently of any order relation defined, e.g. for adhesive tape or gloves.