Process-oriented job order planning

Besides monitoring, research and optimisation are the key tasks of a line management system. An LMS ensures that all decision makers at the various company levels are provided with the relevant information for their specific tasks.

For example, a shift manager in a control centre has the opportunity to enter orders and, if necessary, to reschedule them. The system considers all the basic conditions, such as the availability of machines, materials and the necessary changeover times. An LMS provides a shift manager with an excellent overview of the effects of product changeovers and the processing of small orders. Current orders and target value deviations are displayed.

The LMS receives order and material master data from the ERP system for the production sequence planning of orders for the filling and packaging line areas. The packaging orders in LMS are entered via an order list for order planning. Combined with the information collected in the production data acquisition system, the plant operator is provided with an overview of the current status of production planning and material provision.

Furthermore, the LMS ensures the time-controlled sequencing of orders at the preparation lines in order to ensure an adequate supply of materials to the packaging lines. The packaging material management specifies which and how much packaging material is still available or needed.