Add-on: brewmaxx equipment modules – brewery-specific cutting-edge technology

Equipment modules encapsulate the technical functions of various brewing facilities. They control complex procedures, such as the entire raking procedure in a lauter tun, semi-automatically. The option of transferring technological parameters from a higher-order procedure or linking parameters directly to equipment ensures the greatest possible flexibility and functional reliability.

The brewmaxx equipment modules are context-specific applications and optionally available as an add-on for the brewmaxx process control system. Equipment modules for the following plant sections are currently available:

  • Wort cooler
  • Water mixer
  • Raking system
  • Agitator
  • Pressure boiling
  • Heating zone
  • Route equipment
  • Tank cooling system

Application example of brewing-specific equipment modules

“Raking system” equipment module

This equipment module controls the raking system in a lauter tun. In normal operation, the height positions are approached automatically and the rotational speeds specified. If necessary, master brewers can manually intervene in the production process and, e.g., execute a deep cut.

“Cooling zone” equipment module

The “Cooling zone” module optimally controls the fermentation process: Various fermentation tanks with a different number of cooling zones or temperature measuring points can be operated in just one plant. Thanks to the optimised operating functions, master brewers can select not only the cooling zones, but also allocate the temperature sensors for the control.