KWS SAAT - Sowing beets, harvesting data: Mobile automation system for trial plot lifter PUMA III

At the beginning of 2019, the plant breeding company KWS SAAT SE & Co.KGaA completed development of a new plot lifter, “PUMA III”, for sugar beet breeding and then initiated the implementation phase.

As with its predecessors PUMA I+II, the Herzogenaurach-based company ProLeiT was responsible for implementing the process control system. The particular challenge of this project was providing and setting up a control system for mobile use.

Boasting around 5,550 employees and over seventy subsidiaries and associated companies, which most recently generated an annual revenue of over €1.1 billion, the KWS Group is the world’s fifth-largest seed producer. Founded in 1856, the company, which initially specialised in breeding sugar beet, was reorganised as a public limited company in 1885. The production of fodder beet, cereals and potatoes began in 1920. In the 1950s, the company expanded its breeding programmes to include corn, fodder, oil and protein plants.

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