Ricola - Committed to continuity – with ideal production processes

Swiss herb drops and herbal teas in bags and instant form: Kundert Automation relies exclusively on Plant iT from ProLeiT to automate the production processes of Ricola at its plant in Laufen, Switzerland. This provides numerous advantages for Ricola.

The iconic Ricola jingle has featured in commercials around the world for roughly forty years. Laufen in north-west Switzerland, the home of the company founded by master baker and confectioner Emil Richterich in 1930, remains much the same today as it did back then. And strict continuity is also a key feature of the entire Ricola product portfolio. In 1940, Richterich invented a blend of 13 herbs, and this virtually unchanged recipe still serves as the basis for the company’s Swiss herb drops today. Ricola has also been producing instant teas for roughly forty years; in 2007, tea bags were added to the range, and more recently tea capsules.

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