Hansa Borg - Keeping all energy peaks under control with brewmaxx

Leading the way to a more sustainable future by avoiding load peaks, utilizing load valleys, and optimizing consumption: How ProLeiT upgraded brewmaxx at the Hansa Borg brewery in Bergen, integrated the entire building control system, and installed the EnMS energy management system.

Hansa, Borg, CB Pilsner, and Fredrikstad are well-known beer brands. They are brewed by Hansa Borg Bryggerier AS, a company formed by the merger of two breweries in 1997. Today, Norway’s second largest beer producer is owned by the Danish firm Royal Unibrew. The roughly 300 employees helped generate sales of around 1.4 billion Norwegian kroner in 2021.

Long-term partnerships are the cornerstone of the strategy: When it comes to process control systems, Hansa Borg has been working with ProLeiT for over 20 years – the brewmaxx industry solution for automation, information, and control technology is used at the headquarters in Bergen. As the foundation for all entrepreneurial decisions, the PCS links the various processes and helps to manage the brewery more effectively and efficiently.

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