drinktec 2022: Data analytics - from values to added values

Are all the processes running smoothly in my plant? How is my plant data interrelated? And which potentials for improvement exist within my plant? Everyone involved in digital data analysis will find answers to these and many other relevant questions. Let us show you at drinktec how we turn your product data into decisions.

Collect, analyze, optimize

Our Plant Integrate iT and brewmaxx Integrate solutions help you collect, link and evaluate data quickly and precisely. visualize the results and boost data-driven decision-making.

The more you understand the interrelationships between the various components of your plant, the better you can exploit the potential for optimization. Take the transformation of data into information to the next level with us!

Smart apps - full-scale production at the tips of your fingers

How efficiently machines and plants can be monitored and controlled depends largely on whether access to the relevant data is guaranteed. And this is where our apps, Smart Control and Smart Units, come into their own. Monitor the performance of your production lines flexibly and in real time.

Brewery-specific functions

brewmaxx offers brewery operators a wide range of added values. Two application examples at drinktec illustrate what these added values look like in practice. While the fermentation graph displays all the relevant data of a fermentation batch (incl. all material movements, manual inputs and messages), the tank status clearly displays vessel occupancy and helps to identify any bottlenecks.

Line management - less downtime, more efficiency

Even the shortest amount of downtime reduces the effectiveness of a plant significantly. Within this context, our Line Management System (LMS) is a great solution and helps to determine the causes. The add-on is available for Plant Acquis iT and brewmaxx and runs independently of the plant manufacturer. Thanks to several time accounts (for production, setup, CIP, etc.), you are able to calculate a number of KPIs, e.g. OEE. At drinktec, see for yourself and be amazed at how our LMS enables precise evaluations – even when changing orders during plant production runs.

Visit us at our exhibition booth (Hall A3 / Booth A3.326) from September 12 to 16, 2022.

If you have any questions before the event or would like to make an appointment with our team, feel free to contact us: