Comprehensive solution skills for the process industry

We offer production plant operators professional support and guidance services and help to implement consistent automation and IT solutions.

Profit from our process know-how and our years of experience in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical & chemicals industry. Besides developing our own process control systems, we have been providing our customers with tailor-made automation solutions with industry-specific features for over 30 years. This includes solutions which can be implemented irrespective of existing SCADA or process control systems or as part of our control systems Plant iT and brewmaxx.

Our services are designed for all production process areas - from raw material delivery (e.g. weighing system automation) to end product filling (e.g. Filler Stop Tracker). Our integrated automation solutions therefore process all the information – from the field and process control level (PCS) to enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

Part of our solution portfolio falls under the term MES (Manufacturing Executing Systems). Numerous MES functionalities are already integrated in our process systems. Click on the respective information box to discover more