brewmaxx connect - the communication interface with configurable parameters

Parameterisation instead of programming is the central principle of the entire brewmaxx system platform. brewmaxx connect uses this principle to implement communication interfaces between a brewmaxx system and external systems. Client/Server and host-based systems (e.g. ERP, LIMS or Maintenance) as well as intelligent measuring and analysis instruments, e.g. inspection systems and weighing systems, are supported. brewmaxx connect provides a parameterisation frontend in the central engineering environment of brewmaxx which can be used to completely plan an interface. To achieve this, the communication transactions and their contents are parameterised after the target system-dependent selection of a suitable communication channel. For each of the interfaces implemented via brewmaxx connect, the system offers a detailed online analysis function, which allows an extensive analysis of communication processes.

The optionally available module brewmaxx connect can be flexibly combined with all basic brewmaxx systems. brewmaxx connect can be connected to various external systems in a flexible manner. The following communication channels are available for this task:

  • iDoc/MQ series
  • iDoc/RFC
  • BAPI
  • RFC Client/Server
  • ASCII/File

Click here for further details about the standard interfaces.


  • Communication interface with configurable parameters
  • Can be flexibly combined with all brewmaxx-components
  • Can be integrated into the central engineering environment of brewmaxx


  • Brewing industry


  • Connection of Client/Server and host-based systems
  • Connection to PC and PLC-based systems
  • Connection to intelligent measuring and inspection systems
  • Standard communication channels
  • Central brewmaxx engine ering environment(Configuration Manager)