Glocken Bäckerei: State-of-the-art IT security in an industrial bakery

Globally, 39 percent of the security technologies used by companies are deemed outdated. In the world of IT security, the status of the utilized systems is of paramount importance. Recognizing this fact, GLOCKENBROT BÄCKEREI decided to upgrade its control system, manufacturing execution system (MES) and energy management to the latest Plant iT version from ProLeiT by Schneider Electric.

The story of GLOCKENBROT BÄCKEREI began long ago in 1904. Today, more than a century later, the once small bakery still maintains its tradition and the closely associated high-quality standards but has grown to become one of Germany's largest and most renowned bakeries. The company has been part of the REWE Group since 1986 and distributes its bread and baked goods throughout Germany.

Since 2005, GLOCKENBROT BÄCKEREI has been in a strategic partnership for automation success with German software manufacturer ProLeiT GmbH, whose process control system ensures vertical and horizontal integration in the industrial bakery's plants. To reap the full benefit of the IT security measures, it was imperative to upgrade the existing systems to the latest version. Addressing the topic of cutting-edge IT infrastructures and the associated security issues is becoming increasingly urgent in all sectors, including the bakery sector. The convergence of IT and OT creates new challenges and increases the risk of cyber-attacks. A holistic and transformative approach to security is, therefore, absolutely essential.

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