ACHEMA 2022: Production of the future – modular, intelligent and networked

Smaller batches, individual products – the chemical industry is also having to adapt to the wants and needs of its customers. And it is doing so by ensuring its production facilities are more flexible and modular than ever before.
However, a modular plant only runs efficiently when the modular functional units are coordinated, controlled and regulated in a proportionate manner.

At ACHEMA, we will be presenting the conductor for modular processing plants: the Batch Orchestration System from ProLeiT.

Modular production – a paradigm shift for the process industry

The share of adapted products is increasing all the time in the specialty chemicals market. Processes need to be developed as quickly as possible and production facilities must be correspondingly flexible. At the same time, reducing energy and raw material consumption is essential in keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.
A solution that meets all these objectives is the Batch Orchestration System.

Batch management for modular processing plants

The Plant iT Batch Orchestration System (BOS) from ProLeiT is equipped to meet all the challenges of batch management. It creates a flexible environment for plant operators who have to respond quickly to dynamic changes in the market. It is platform independent and can, therefore, be implemented effectively and efficiently in existing production plants.

Systems to manage, monitor and control batch processes are at the heart of the solution. The BOS offers a wide range of options for interacting with running orders: recipes can be optimized and expanded dynamically and standardized at any time. These optimizations have the potential to significantly reduce material losses. And thus benefit the effective and sustainable use of resources. User-friendly dashboards allow you to prepare key figures in real time and provide valuable insights, for example, into process sequences or plant utilization.

Visit us at our exhibition booth (Hall 11.1 / Booth C74) from August 22 to 26, 2022.

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