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Bauer – Up-to-date in all aspects of dairy

How the independent dairy Bauer has invested in even more integration, transparency and compatibility thanks to Plant iT V9.60. Being innovative is everything if you want to stay on the ball.

But there is nothing wrong with sticking to a tried-and-trusted process control system if you want to retain familiar functionalities. Like at the independent dairy Bauer, where an update to Plant iT V9.60 from ProLeiT ensures many advantages, both old and new.

Founded in Wasserburg in 1887 as “Bauerschweizer Käsewerk” by Franz Seraph Bauer, the family-owned business is now in its fifth generation. The independent dairy Bauer is part of the Bauer Group and – after 130 years of continued success – is one of the largest dairy companies in Europe. With a true passion for milk and a desire to market natural products full of the best ingredients, the dairy is constantly evolving. The extensive product range includes popular fruit yogurts, such as “Der Große Bauer”, Bavarian wine cheese and “Diplomat” semi-hard cheese, as well as constantly new innovations. Development and expansion of plant-based alternatives under the “GrünKraft” competence brand has seen the company launch a range of yogurt and cheese alternatives in 2021.

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