Smart Control

Webinar 21-19-EN

In addition to our process control systems, we now offer you the first mobile app for remote control of your plant - Smart Control. Learn in this webinar how you can use Smart Control to control and monitor your production mobile and flexibly from anywhere. In 45 minutes, we will explain how the control of valves, pumps, motors or controllers works and will then take time to answer your questions.

Target audience: Plant Operator, Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager, System Integrator, Business Partner
Sectors: Food & Beverage, Dairy Industry, Brewing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry
Topics: Smart Control, Energy Management, Peak Load Management, Energy Data Acquisition, Process Control System (PCS), Process Automation, Process Control, Plant iT
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English


Ms Sophia Mirza

Sales engineer in Project Management for Life Science, Food & Chemistry

Phone: +49 9132 777 592



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