LMS – Line Management System

Webinar 21-15-EN

Line Management System – Minimize downtimes and maximize plant efficiency!

Standing still means going backwards. Because even the shortest downtimes significantly reduce the effectiveness of a system. In this webinar, ProLeiT shows you how a Line Management System (LMS) can help in this context. Our add-on automatically records downtimes of systems and machines. The causes of downtime and other system or order-related data can be entered manually at any time using drop-down boxes. The analysis of the collected data is possible down to the smallest detail: In this way, downtimes can be traced hierarchically from the entire system to the individual unit in different levels of detail. Our LMS offers you an uncomplicated introduction to line management – we will show you how!

Target audience: Plant Operator, Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager, System Integrator, Business Partner
Sectors: Food & Beverage, Dairy Industry, Brewing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry
Topics: Packaging and Filling, Line Management, Production Data Acquisition, Process Control System (PCS), Process Automation, Process Control, Plant iT
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English


Ms Sophia Mirza

Sales engineer in Project Management for Pharma, Food & Chemistry

Phone: +49 9132 777 592
E-mail: sophia.mirza@proleit.com


Dr. Dominik HasenöhrlDr. Dominik Hasenöhrl

Team Leader Pharma, Food & Chemistry

Phone: +49 9132 777 792
E-mail: dominik.hasenoehrl@proleit.com



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