Food technology with Plant iT

Plant iT is a modular process control system, consisting of several standardised basic systems and modules. Depending on the type and number of requirements which must be met within a sector, the basic systems are combined with various modules. This level of flexibility enables the implementation of a standardised control system which can be enhanced with industry-specific functions.

The following overview displays some of the standard functions of our process control system Plant iT, which satisfies typical food industry requirements:

  • Batch systems to ISA S88 for batch and continuous processes
  • Order and recipe management for fully automated production processes
  • Process-oriented materials management for centralised planning, inspection and evaluation
  • Batch traceability (pre and post-tracking) to EU Regulation 178/2002
  • Electronic batch recording with batch-related messages and graphs
  • Electronic signature and FDA-compliant reporting for adherence to international regulations
  • Order dispatching with integration of LIMS and ERP systems
  • Connection of existing weighing systems
  • Energy data management for saving water, energy, CO2 and gas
  • Line management system, according to the Weihenstephan Standards
  • Production and operating data acquisition for filling and packaging plants
  • Production and efficiency reports (DIN, OEE) for reporting purposes
  • Automation of CIP plants 
  • MES functionalities for planning, guidance, analysis and evaluation of production processes