Application areas for automation solutions in the chemicals and fine chemicals industry

Our integrated, transparent and flexible process control system Plant iT provides the ideal software structure for production plants in the chemicals and fine chemicals industry. Plant iT is an advanced and industry-specific system solution which combines extensive IT experience and chemical expertise in a single control system. It is the perfect option for both new installations, expansions or as a replacement for existing automation systems.

We offer automation solutions for the production of:

  • Washing products (dry, tablets, liquid)
  • Wax ester
  • Cleaning agents (powder or liquid)
  • Adhesives
  • Fuels from renewable primary products (bioethanol, etc.)
  • Synthetics and synthetic products (extrusions)
  • Cleaning plants (CIP = clean-in-place plants)

Our industry-specific know-how is also based on years of cooperation with system integrators and machine and plant suppliers. Our control system Plant iT therefore guarantees the high level of flexibility demanded by the chemicals industry, e.g. for modifications during production.