Application areas in the beverage industry

Our process control systems Plant iT and brewmaxx cannot be compared to simple SCADA systems. Plant iT and brewmaxx are object-oriented and PLC-based process control systems with pre-configured automation classes and integrated MES functionalities, which run on control platforms (PLCs) from various manufacturers. This level of independency is a major advantage compared to traditional DCS systems. However, the specific characteristic of our control systems is the communication with the respective programmable logic controls (PLCs). This enables us to perform re-engineering, expansion or migration tasks in the production plant without having to stop production. When compared to other automation solutions, it is an obvious competitive advantage and one of the key factors for every production plant in the beverage industry.

Both Plant iT and brewmaxx have advanced and industry-specific features and combine extensive technical and technological skills in just one control system. Actually, Plant iT and brewmaxx offer the same basic functions, but while Plant iT can be universally applied, brewmaxxis only used in breweries.

The following beverage industry products are produced with the help of our process control systems:

  • Beer (find more information on the brewing industry here),
    e.g. lager, pale ale, pilsner, German Kellerbier, dark ale, wheat beer, shandy, alcohol-free beer
  • Wine, sparkling wine and spirits,
    e.g. bourbon, brandy, mixed drinks, scotch, vodka, whiskey
  • Alcohol-free drinks,
    e.g. mineral water, table water, spa water, fruit juices, soft drinks, energy drinks
  • Milk (find more information on the dairy industry here),
    e.g. milk (UHT, ESL, low lactose), whey drinks, milk mix drinks