Automation Solutions for the Beverage Industry

Production plants in the beverage industry are often characterised by traditional plant structures and outdated control system technology. Existing stand-alone solutions prevent continuous communication between individual areas of the plant. This is further complicated if SCADA or control systems from various manufacturers, which are unable to communicate with each other at all or only to a limited extent, are used for individual process areas or manufacturing cells. This inevitably leads to reduced performance, as the required level of transparency in conjunction with uniform and centralised automated data acquisition cannot be guaranteed. A measurement of standardised key productivity figures is thus time-consuming and prone to errors due to numerous manual transfers.

Our process control systems, on the other hand, offer the necessary integration – from goods receipt automation, through production to actual product filling – while ensuring compliance to EU Directive 178/2002. We recognised the specific demands of the beverage industry 30 years ago when we started developing our process control systems, and our control systems Plant iT and brewmaxx are, therefore, equipped with the appropriate functions.

Besides the implementation of our control systems (expansion, migration or new plant), we also have many years of experience in concept development and the realisation of integrated and intelligent MES and automation solutions. Numerous companies, such as Danone, Emig, Carlsberg, Heineken, Juhayna, Müller Milch, SAB Miller, Sachsenmilch and Wimm-Bill-Dann, have relied on our solution skills and expertise for many years.