Process technology for the baking industry

Plant iT provides the answer to the challenges of the baking industry. The following functions are an integral part of our control system:

  • Order management
    Process or production orders for the procedures:
    goods receipt, dough production, baking, packaging, dispatching.
  • Recipe management
    Acceptance of bills of materials and consumption feedback at ERP systems, recipe changes (no. of pieces, water quantity, dough temperature) of a current order, manual component management and definition of addition times when kneading in the recipe.
  • Process-oriented material management
    Mapping the material flow across all process steps, inventory management of raw, auxiliary and operating materials, material provisions, old and leftover bread updates, batch and product tracking.
  • Integrated energy management
    Energy data acquisition and visualisation, energy statistics with detailed consumption reports, feedback of the energy consumption to the higher-order process cost controlling, optimisation of the operating mode of energy stores.
  • Quality and production optimisation
    Connection to laboratory systems, workflow of QA-relevant test processes, operating data acquisition, OEE key figures for bakeries.
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance orders, spare parts procurement – warehouse dependent or order-oriented, planning maintenance projects and tracking processes, warehouse management of spare parts with minimum stock monitoring.