MES in the baking industry

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) und PCS (Process Control System) levels are often seen as two separate systems in one production plant. Plant iT prevents this common separation. Unnecessary interfaces and duplicate user groups are avoided by combining MES functions within a PCS to create an IT system. This provides the perfect foundations for integrated information processing and increased efficiency for system operation, maintenance and repairs as well as future extensions. The MES tasks and parts of the PCS can thus be viewed as a central IT system. This is the reason for the development of the flexible system platform Plant iT, consisting of basic systems and modules for application in various areas of a production plant.

An example of the seamless integration between MES functionalities and the PCS level of an industrial bakery is the Plant iT material module. Since the availability of materials (usually raw, auxiliary and operating materials) is of key importance for bakeries, process-oriented materials management provides data on a permanent basis. This ensures rapid decisions about intervention in the process cycle during production. An essential criterion for the quality of these decisions is the up-to-dateness of the information on the stock, local availability and quality status of the materials being processed.

Plant iT therefore guarantees the required integration to, e.g., ensure traceability and carry out recipe optimisation depending on the raw material parameters. Received raw materials with the respective workflow are also mapped in this fashion. Thanks to the transparency of the Plant iT product group, migration times for renovation projects can be reduced to a minimum. And costs for re-qualification measures are minimised due to the object-oriented system infrastructure.