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Management Board

Wolfgang Ebster
Management Board(CEO)
Phone:  +49 9132 777100 
E-Mail: info(at)

Manfred Czepl
Management Board (COO)
Phone:  +49 9132 777100 
E-Mail: info(at)

Central Sales & Marketing

Mike Jamieson
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Food & Beverages
Phone 1: +49 9132 777413
Phone 2: +1 469 464 5909 (USA)
E-Mail: mike.jamieson(at)

Heinrich Junker
Vice President Sales
Breweries & Alcoholic Beverages
Phone: +49 9132 777411
E-Mail: heinrich.junker(at)

Bernd Opgenorth
Sales Manager
Dairy Industry
Phone: +49 9132 777347
E-Mail: bernd.opgenorth(at)

Andreas Brülls

Andreas Brülls
Head of Product Management
Phone: +49 9132 777361
E-Mail: andreas.bruells(at)

Adrian Veit
Head of Marketing
Phone: +49 9132 777364 
E-Mail: adrian.veit(at)

Daniela Hoffmann
Marketing/Public Relations
Phone: +49 9132 777331 
E-Mail: daniela.hoffmann(at)

Competence Center
Dairy Industry

Jochen Stamerjohanns
Head of Department
Phone: +49 9132 777147 
E-Mail: jochen.stamerjohanns(at)

Thomas Kirner
Deputy Head of Department
Phone: +49 9132 777423
E-Mail: thomas.kirner(at)

Competence Center
Brewing Industry

Dr. Martin Lutz
Head of Department
Phone: +49 9132 777133 
E-Mail: martin.lutz(at)

Markus Mayer
Deputy Head of Department
Phone: +49 9132 777116 
E-Mail: markus.mayer(at)

Competence Center
Pharma, Food & Chemistry

Jürgen Wölfl
Head of Department
Phone: +49 9132 777161 
E-Mail: juergen.woelfl(at)

Leonard Mitranescu
Deputy Head of Department
Phone: +49 9132 777142 
E-Mail: leonard.mitranescu(at)

Thomas Wunderlich
Deputy Head of Department
Phone: +49 214 870900
E-Mail: thomas.wunderlich(at)

Innovation Center

Michael Sembenotti
Head of department
Phone: +49 9132 777115 
E-Mail: michael.sembenotti(at)


Stefan Stenzel
Team Leader Training & Futher Education
Phone: +49 9132 777129 
E-Mail: stefan.stenzel(at)


Phone: +49 9132 777500 
E-Mail: hotline(at)

Reception Desk

Phone: +49 9132 777100 
E-Mail: info(at)

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